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About Rejoin and Reform

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My name is John McPhie. I am the founder of Rejoin and Reform.


We are where we are. Where we are is an awful place, but not one without hope.


There is no point in examining the reasons why we are where we are with Brexit: they are

all too clear. What we have to do now is to fight to undo Brexit. This is not a time to embrace

Brexit as the LabourParty would have us do, this is a time for unity, not division.

Even when masked by Covid, Brexit is already proving to be a disaster. Trade with the

EU is down a whopping 14%, which would be considered a catastrophe in 'normal times'. The City is haemorrhaging assets, cash and people. Thousands of businesses are going bust. 

and the failure of the Northern Ireland Protocol is threatening peace in the province.


These issues can be resolved if we rejoin the Single Market and the Customs Union. 

That might seem impossible to imagine right now, but it may be something this government

will be forced to face as we drift from disaster to catastrophe.

While emotions are still raw, it's perhaps the right time to remind ourselves that the motivation for bringing European nations together was the determination to end the devastation

of war and enmity, and to build a cooperative, peaceful, prosperous future together

as a family of nations. 


Brexit has not only highlighted and exacerbated the divisions in our society, it has laid bare the incompetence and dishonesty of those who govern us. It has also illustrated all too clearly that our political system is both dysfunctional and corrupt, and in urgent need of reform.

When the consequences of Brexit really strike home, the mood of the country will change. We have to be ready to provide leadership, ideas and direction. We need to build our membership now in order to be able to do that. I hope you will help us.  


We WILL rejoin the European Union and we MUST reform.

Our purpose is to make this happen.

When we emerge from the coronavirus crisis we cannot return to our old ways. We will need a change in leadership. We will need a fresh start. We will need new ideas and new people for a new Britain. Most of all, we must reconnect with our friends and fellow Europeans, rejoin the EU and demand the reform this country needs so badly. 


If you agree, here’s what you can do.


Sign up with Rejoin and Reform. Join our online community. Connect with people who share your views, and help convince those that don't. You might have been on a march together or perhaps you share a passion for rejoining the EU and creating a better Britain.


What matters is that you matter.

Your views matter, your passion matters. You can help make change happen.

This is going to be one hell of a journey, but it’s going to be exciting and together

we are going to achieve great things.


I salute you!


John McPhie


"People have the power

To redeem the work of fools

People have the power.."

Patti Smith

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