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About Rejoin and Reform

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My name is John McPhie. I am the founder of Rejoin and Reform.


Brexit died the moment it collided with economic reality. We're now living with the consequences of this madcap, massively disruptive project which has defied just about every element of economic and political sense. After four years, the consequences of Brexit have been brought into sharp focus. The reality is that Brexit is an economic and social catastrophe of enormous proportions.  Britain and its people have been hit hard by its effects, and will continue to suffer them until  Brexit is undone. 


The mood in the country is changing. Made poorer by Brexit, there is a growing resentment of the devastating effect Brexit is having on people's lives and on their future prospects.  The latest polling shows that 64% now want to rejoin the European Union. 84% want a new Brexit referendum. 88% of those who voted Labour at the last election think it was a mistake to leave the EU. These figures are likely to increase as Britain's economic and political situation deteriorates - which it's doing at an alarming rate.

With peace in Europe now under serious threat, it's perhaps the right time to remind ourselves of the original motivation for bringing European nations together. It's too often forgotten, conveniently forgotten, that it was a determination to end the devastation of war and enmity, and to build a cooperative, peaceful, prosperous future together as a family of nations. Being part of the EU is about much more than trade. Unity is paramount for our future security and prosperity.


Brexit has not only highlighted and exacerbated the divisions in our society, but it has also laid bare the incompetence and dishonesty of those who govern us, many of whom have been doing the work of our adversaries who want to divide us and destabilise Europe. It's also illustrated all too clearly that our political system is both dysfunctional and corrupt, and in urgent need of reform.


With the consequences of Brexit striking home, we have to make sure that the leadership of our political parties are left in no doubt about the feelings of the majority. We cannot accept politics being done to us. Politics has become the hostage of party-political self-interest, which means donor interests and the interests of corporations come before ours and the best interests of the country. That's not how it should be.


Rejoining the European Union is inevitable, but we must see that it happens sooner rather than later. That journey must start by rejoining the Single Market and the Customs Union, which we must do to put the brakes on our ever accelerating decline. And it's vital that we REFORM. Our institutions are outdated, we have no constitution and we are excluded from participating in the political process. If we want to get out of the mess we're in we have to make change happen. That is our purpose, to rejoin and reform.

Here’s what you can do.


Sign up and become a member of Rejoin and Reform. Join our online community. Connect with people who share your views, and help convince those that don't. Share your passion for rejoining the EU and for reform so that we can create a better Britain, a Renaissance Britain.


Your views matter, your passion matters. You can help make change happen.

This is proving to be one hell of a journey, but 'our time has come'. If we unite in common purpose, we WILL win the day!


I salute you!


John McPhie

P.S. In the menu bar you will see a page titled 'Democracy Vouchers'. Please take a look. It's an idea I am floating which I believe could make a difference.  


"People have the power

To redeem the work of fools

People have the power.."

Patti Smith

Lobby your MP - How to contact

Use this link to find out your MP's email address, twitter account etc: 

Write to your MP: Address: House of Commons,

London, SW1A 0AA

Telephone your MP: Telephone number:

020 7219 3000.

Ask to be put through to your MP's office


Sign up and join our campaign >

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