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John McPhie - Bio

Soldier, businessman, author and now, political activist.

I have a wonderful wife and two amazing daughters.

I hate humbug and hypocrisy, fatuousness and flummery.

I call out incompetence and I fight injustice.  

I despise selfishness and greed.

I fume at political dishonesty and deceit.

I will fight to my dying breath to end inequality.

I champion equality of condition.

I am tireless for a cause I believe in.

I revel in responsibility.

I lead with conviction, determination and honesty.

I am a passionate European.

My indulgences? I unapologetically like speed, fast cars, fast motorbikes and flying things – helicopters.

My ambition? To do whatever I can to ensure Britain rejoins the EU and to see the Union is preserved.  To succeed in pressuring those in power to institute reforms that will end division and bring about long overdue economic and social justice.

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