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Labour to the rescue?

This week, and during the Labour Party conference - which starts on Sunday, we need to convince Keir Starmer and his party do what is right for the country and come out against Brexit. 

We're asking you to email and tweet them to pressure them to change their stance on Brexit. The country needs Labour to come out against Brexit and fight to rejoin the Single Market and the Customs Union if we are to avoid an economic and social meltdown.

We must pressure Labour to change their Brexit stance

Email or Tweet Keir Starmer  today 

His email address is: 

His Twitter address is: 

  • Twitter
Email or Tweet Labour MPs  today 
  • Twitter

Tweets: Choose Labour MPs who you think will take notice

Labour MP's Twitter addresses can be found here:

Emails: Labour MP's email addresses:

Labour MPs who abstained in the deal vote email addresses:

Here is a link to sample emails and Tweets.

Send, amend or write your own.

Just cut and paste 

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