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Drugs are the most traded commodity after oil. World-wide organised crime makes hundreds of billions of dollars every year from the illegal drugs trade. Millions of lives are destroyed by it. Drugs create a massive distortion eating away at the fabric of society and threatening the functioning of democracy. 


The ‘War on Drugs’ has failed. The consequences of this failure are huge. Both the financial cost and the human cost have reached totally unacceptable levels, and yet politicians have been reluctant to address the issue.


The use of drugs needs to be decriminalised and the Legal Regulation of Drugs introduced; this will take the control of drugs out of the hands of criminals and put it under the control of government, doctors, pharmacists and licensed vendors.


Drugs use should be classified as a health issue, not a criminal one.


There needs to be a change in attitude towards rehabilitation. Every major town across Britain should have a drugs rehabilitation centre. Regions would be responsible for drugs rehabilitation.

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