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Lobbyists are used by corporations, businesses and individuals to influence and inform the government and politicians. They are the delivery mechanism for special-interest influence. Lobbying goes on largely unnoticed by the public who have no way of knowing what outside influence is being exerted on government ministers and MPs. Lobbyists deliberately operate in the shadows. This lack of transparency distorts the democratic process. Whilst there are benefits to informing and advising governments and politicians, it has to be totally transparent.

To achieve transparency, and to enable the electorate to be totally aware of who is lobbying who and for what purpose, a Lobbying Forum would be established. Any lobbyist who wanted to lobby a government department or Westminster politician would have to apply online allowing the request and its details to be made public. This would give those who may have an opposing point of view, and the press, the opportunity of attending the lobby, which would take place within a lobbying Forum.


In addition to a London forum, each Regional Assembly would have its own forum.

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