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Britain has suffered decades of incompetent government, and there has been little or no reform just tinkering at the margins. As a consequence the country is in a mess and in desperate need of fundamental reform. 

Here are 12 areas where we believe reforms are necessary to transform our country into a better Britain.

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These policies and reforms are a summary of some of the important issues Rejoin and Reform believe need addressing. They are a guide, and open to comment and discussion.

Constitutional Reform

• Change the voting system. End FPTP

• Abolish the House of Lords

• Establish a House of Representatives

• Regionalisation of England

• Regional Assemblies in England

• A written constitution

• Strengthen the Union

• Participatory democracy - people's assemblies

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Political Reform

• Reform party funding

• Reform lobbying

• Establishment of Lobbying Forums

• Ex MPs / ministers to be banned from lobbying

• Registration and regulation of 'think tanks'


Tax Reform

• Root and branch reform of the tax system

• Tax relief to end. A relief only to be reinstated on review

• Corporation tax increase to 25%

• Replace business rates with a local sales tax

• Unearned income taxed at the same rate as earned income

• Capital gains to be taxed at 40%

• Inheritance tax paid by the recipient. Loopholes removed

• Introduce a 10% luxury goods tax


Health Reform

• Health and Care Tax. To be hypothecated and progressive

• Introduce a National Care Service (NCS)

• Increase number of hospital beds from 2.8 to 6 per 1000

• Increase critical care beds from 6.6 to 30 per 100,000 

• Regions to have their own Health Care Authorities.

• Establishment of Preventative Care units in each region

• Reintroduce nursing bursaries

• Reform NHS dentistry & increase the number of NHS dentists


Welfare Reform

• Introduce a real living wage*

• Strengthen the welfare safety net*

• End Universal Credit waiting times*

* Before the introduction of:

• A Universal Basic Income

• Universal Basic Income Plus for the disabled

• Mandatory for regions to provide shelter / homes for the homeless 


Housing Reform

• Social Housing building programme. 300k new houses pa

• Regions able to borrow to invest in social housing

• High street regeneration programme retail/residential/leisure

• Introduce empty property tax

• Regional sales tax to replace business rates

• End ‘right to buy’

• Reform planning laws

• Council tax to be updated and 4 ‘super bands’ added

• Introduce rent controls

• Landlord licensing to be introduced


Climate & the Environment

• Policies to support global warming limit of 1.5℃ 

• 'Reforesting Britain' initiative

• Reduce meat consumption - a 'Climate Meat tax'

• Oceans - increase Marine Protected Areas

• Non essential plastics - a 'Plastic Pollution tax'

• Farming & pesticides - a new model for farming


Education Reform

• Reintroduce EMA – Education Maintenance Grant – in England

• Replace ‘A’ Levels and GCSE with the ‘baccalaureate’ system

• Scrap university tuition fees

• End church involvement in education

• End public school charitable status

• Integrate all public/commercial schools into the state system

• Skills Colleges will be introduced in every region


Economic Reform

• Renaissance infrastructure programme

• Rebalancing of the local economy through regions

• Regional regeneration through new industrial strategy

• Enforce equal pay for women

• Separate retail and investment banking

• A National Investment Bank

• Two new regional banks to support regional businesses

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Prison Reform

• Reduce crimes requiring a custodial sentence

• Introduction of Correctional Training Establishments

• New generation of ‘occupational prisons’

• Introduction of release centres

• Every prisoner given the right to vote


Media Reform

• Apply Leveson 2 in full

• Ban foreign ownership of UK media

• Strict controls on foreign investment in UK media

• Limit the size of ownership of any media to 15%

• Disallow foreign countries having TV/radio stations in the UK


Drugs Reform

• Decriminalise drugs

• Establish a Drugs Regulation Authority

• Drug use to be classified as a health issue

• Every town to have a Drugs Rehabilitation Centre


Data Reform

• New rules governing the use of data in elections

• New rules regarding foreign involvement in elections

• Severe penalties for the misuse of data in elections

• Rewrite electoral rules governing data

• Increase the powers of the Electoral Commission


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