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Britain has suffered decades of incompetent government, and there has been little or no reform just tinkering at the margins. As a consequence the country is in a mess and in desperate need of fundamental reform. 

Here are 12 areas where we believe reforms are necessary to transform our country into a better Britain.

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If you feel that there are issues that need to be included in any of the reforms, please go to Contact and leave your comments 

Constitutional Reform

The Regionalisation of England

Abolition of the House of Lords

House of Representatives

Regional Assemblies

A Written Constitution

Political Reform


Reform of political party funding

Changes to the voting system

Reform of the lobbying system

Tax Reform


Root and branch reform of the tax system to include: Corporation tax, Capital gains tax, Inheritance tax,

a tax on wealth.

Health Reform

Health Tax reform

Health Authority reform

NHS funding reform

Welfare Reform

Welfare spending reform

Reform of Universal Credit

Universal Basic Income

Housing Reform

Social Housing Reform

Council Tax reform

Right to buy reform

Planning reform

Education Reform

Complete reform of the education system

Reform of University tution fees

Secular education reform

Public/State school reform

Economic Reform

Finance sector reform

Treasury reform

Tax reform

Investment reform

Prison Reform

Complete reform of the prison system

Corrective Training Establishments

Custodial sentence reform

Rehabilitation reform

Media Reform

Media ownership reform

Complete implementation of Leveson

Reform of public service broadcasting

Drugs Reform

Legal Regulation of Drugs

Drugs use to be reclassified as a health issue

Rehabilitation reform

Data Reform

Electoral Commission reform

Information Commissioner's Office reform

Data collection reform

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