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We're on the march!

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Saturday 22nd October 2022


12-4 PM


Join the National Rejoin March!

National Rejoin March route and start times

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12 noon: Meet in Park Lane, opposite the Dorchester Hotel

13.00 March begins

14.30 Arrive Parliament Square

15.00 - 16.30 NRM rally


Brexit is a madcap, massively disruptive project that defies just about every element of political and economic sense. It needs to be undone.  

It's destroying lives, destroying livelihoods and destroying Britain.

Brexit is a catastrophe.

Brexit isn't a problem to live with, it's a problem to solve.


Please catch a train, a bus, a tube, bicycle or walk, and join the march. 

It's time we made our presence felt. Time we made our voice heard.

Time we started to shake the tree. Time to drown out the lies.

It's time to get serious about getting Brexit undone. 


Project Reality? It's about getting Brexit undone!

Three stages...

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This is a time for unity not division. The European Union is more than just about trade.

It's also about working with other European nations to preserve peace 

 and to build a cooperative, prosperous future together

as a family of nations. It's where we belong. 

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Please join us on the march. Talk to your friends. Try and persuade as many people as you can to come to London on 22nd October.

See you there!

Check out the National Rejoin March website for more details

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