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Keir Starmer Emails

These emails are brief and to the point. Send them, amend them or write your own.

Email One

Subject line: 'Your country needs you!'

Keir Starmer, your country needs you!

Your country needs you to fight to rejoin the Single Market and the Customs Union to avoid an economic catastrophe and to preserve peace in Northern Ireland.


Your country needs you to fight Brexit not appease it. People are baffled that you're not fighting the most successful trade reduction deal in our history.


Your country needs you to fight to protect our peace and security from those who are using Brexit as a means to destabilise the EU and divide Europe. 

Your country needs you to offer a clear alternative to Tory Brexit and to support rejoining the EU - it's what the majority of Labour party members want. It's what the majority of the country wants.


Your country needs you - to do the right thing. 

Email Two

Subject line: 'You're backing the wrong horse!'

Keir Starmer, you're backing the wrong horse

People are waking up to the economically and socially damaging impact of Brexit. Brexit is a disaster! There is no enthusiasm for wanting to make it work, far less embracing it.

It's time to stop worrying about 'red wall' former Labour voters because, as the latest polls show, they're already coming back to the fold. They've sussed that they were conned by Vote Leave. They can see Brexit is a disaster. They know that austerity hasn't ended and are waking up to the fact that Brexit was actually a war against them. Your Brexit stance is out of tune with the majority of Labour members, and the majority of the electorate.


You may have a 'cunning plan'. You may not wish to reveal all your cards before a general election, but people are desperate for someone to lead them out of the Brexit mess the Tories have created - not some time in the future, but NOW. 

It's time to admit that Brexit is a disaster. People won't criticise you for changing your mind, they'll admire you for your courage and honesty.  Britain's place is in Europe.  Labour should take us back to where we belong. 

The ball is in your court. Do the right thing.

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