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 Rejoin the EU - Reform Britain.

Rejoin and Reform is a campaign to give a voice to people who want to rejoin the European Union, and who demand 

reform for a better Britain.  

Now Brexit's done, our task's begun!


We must unite under one banner to challenge those in power whose incompetence and determined stupidity has delivered

a hard Brexit deal. A deal which will reduce trade and make

people poorer, it is an act of economic vandalism,

and a threat to the future of our nation.

This Brexit deal is the greatest act of self-harm in our history.

Lies, disinformation and dishonesty have been the drivers behind Brexit. Our country has been diminished, its reputation destroyed and its people betrayed.

We are in the worst recession for 300 years caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Now we have to deal with both Covid and Brexit. The consequences are already proving to be economically and socially catastrophic.

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Brexit is a folly, an absurdity, an aberration, but it's happened.

Brexit - as we are discovering - has no advantages, just huge disadvantages - lots of them.

Brexit will be a catastrophe. It will affect the lives of millions. It is already destroying  businesses and livelihoods. Brexit is going to set our nation back decades.

We cannot sit back and do nothing. 63% want to rejoin the EU, but Labour and the

Libdems are not listening. If they don't listen then we must shout until they do.

Our voices WILL be heard!

Rejoin and Reform will actively campaign for Britain to rejoin the EU

and demand reform for a better Britain.

With your support we can make it happen.


Three steps to rejoining the European Union...



Rejoin the Single Market and the Customs Union



Reform Britain. Demand fundamental reform for the restoration of a true democracy



Rejoin the European Union

Become a voice for Reform

Britain is in urgent need of reform. High on the list of priorities is electoral reform.

Both main political parties refuse to change the first past the post

system because small swings deliver large majorities.

This is what happened in the December 2019 election.

Our outmoded and undemocratic electoral system delivered a government

the majority of the electorate didn't want - and the country didn't need.

We now have a government with an 80 seat majority made up of careerist

Tory MPs who are willingly whipped to obey the will of their party irrespective 

of the national interest. They are simply lobby fodder. The consequence?



 The elective dictatorship has delivered a Brexit deal which is against the national interest.

Brexit is a catastrophe for Britain.

Brexit happened because we failed to reform our dysfunctional and corrupt political

system. Because our electoral system is not fit for purpose in a modern democracy,

and because we have allowed political party funding to go unreformed

We WILL rejoin, but we MUST reform.

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The coronavirus crisis has shown just how interdependent we are.

This is not the time for Brexit isolationism, this is the time to rediscover the hopes

and benefits of a connected world. We are a part of the European community of nations,

which we should support through membership of the EU.

United we are strong, divided, the peace, security and prosperity

of all European nations is at risk.


In a few short months the coronavirus crisis has changed everything.

 The incompetence of this government has been appalling, and thousands

have paid the ultimate price because of it.

The coronavirus crisis has revealed just what a divided, badly governed country we live in.

The precarious nature of our welfare system, which is failing those in greatest need,

has been laid bare. The people of Britain are paying a high price for

decades of incompetent government and reform denied.


 When the Covid-19 crisis has passed, there will be no appetite to return to the old 'normal'. 

The demand will be for good government, an end to division, for economic and

social justice, for fundamental reform and to rejoin the European Union. 

There is now every chance, with your help, we can make this happen.

We can return to sanity, but we must rethink who we trust, what we value,

and how we organise and conduct our politics.

United, we can and we will, rebuild and strengthen our communities, and our nation.

Join the Rejoin and Reform Community


Our Community

We can't organise a rally, a march or a meeting

because of current restrictions, but we can build an online community and participate together in spreading the word and growing the Rejoin and Reform membership.

Join us and let's become a force for reason and for common sense. Let's strengthen the consensus for rejoining the EU and make our voice heard. Let's demand the reforms our country so badly needs. With your help, we can.

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Here's what you can do:


Sign up

If you really want to make a difference, to make your voice heard, to join a community of those who want to rejoin the EU and demand the reforms that Britain needs so badly, sign up to be a member of Rejoin and Reform today,

it's FREE.


Spread the word

You will know, and will have met many people over the past three years, who share your views. You may have marched with them on a people's march. Why not contact them and tell them about the Rejoin and Reform community? 


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