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This campaign will give a voice to people who want to be a part of the European community of nations again, who want to rejoin the European Union, and who demand reform for a better Britain. 


Let's unite to challenge those in power whose incompetence and determined stupidity has delivered the hardest of hard Brexit deals. A deal that is destroying the country, destroying livelihoods  and destroying our future. Brexit is a disaster, an act of economic vandalism, and the greatest act of self-harm in our history.

Lies, disinformation and dishonesty have been the drivers behind Brexit. Our country has been diminished, its reputation destroyed and its people betrayed.

We now have a serious cost of living crisis which is being turbocharged by Brexit. On top of that, we have a very real threat to our peace, security and future economic well-being brought about by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Never before has European unity been so important. It is imperative we rejoin the Single Market and the Customs Union as soon as possible, undertake fundamental reform, and then rejoin the European Union - where we belong.




 Brexit is dead, now let's get it undone!



Brexit, the grand delusion that spawned our self-destruction is dead. There are some who will doggedly refuse to admit it until the stench of its rotting corpse overcomes them, but the Brexit bubble has burst. Fantasy politics has collided with reality. Brexit broke the link between governance and reason. Politicians, living in a fantasy world, convinced themselves, and a gullible electorate worn down by austerity, that you could throw away all ties with our biggest trading partner, and get richer. It was a fantasy, and it was a con.


There were never, and there will never be, any advantages to Brexit, only disadvantages. There never were any opportunities, and there never will be. Trade with the EU has fallen off a cliff. The City, our golden egg, has haemorrhaged assets and jobs. Britain, the country and its people, are poorer because of Brexit. Thousands of businesses have gone bust and livelihoods have been,  destroyed - all because of Brexit. Brexit, it's not a disaster, it's a catastrophe.


World events have now multiplied the effects of Brexit and the country is now in dire straits. Britain is on its knees because of Brexit.


It is imperative that we rejoin the Single Market and the Customs Union as soon as possible if we are to put the brakes on our decline and avoid long-lasting damage to the economy.

The time has come to become as vocal as we can and demand that we start the process of rejoining the European Union.

Rejoin and Reform can be your voice.  We will actively campaign for Britain to rejoin the Single Market and the Customs Union, for fundamental reform, and to rejoin the European Union.

Three steps to rejoining the European Union...



Rejoin the Single Market and the Customs Union



 Reform Britain.



Rejoin the European Union


Brexit is turbocharging our woes

After four years, the Brexit calamity is clear for all to see. The country is facing an economic and social catastrophe of epic proportions.

Our woes would be significantly reduced if we were to rejoin the Single Market and the Customs Union as quickly as possible, but neither the government nor the opposition proposes to do this. The Labour leader's obduracy on this matter is particularly worrying. Britain is experiencing the steepest decline in 250 years. The prime driver of that decline is Brexit. We are entering a very bleak time in our nation's history. Brexit will NEVER work, it MUST be undone.


European unity has never been more important 

The European Union is the most successful trading bloc in world history, but it's more than that. It has united European nations in common cause to work for peace, security and prosperity.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the EU's reaction to Putin's invasion has demonstrated its resolve and determination to galvanise members into positive action. It's been a shining example to the world, and a demonstration of the importance of unity. We've played our part, but when the peace and security of Europe is at stake, it would be better if we offered a united front against Putin's overt aggression and his attempts to destabalise Europe.  

Brexit divided us from our European friends and divided our nation - and weakened Europe. This is a time for unity, not division.  It's imperative we get Brexit undone.

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Become a voice for Reform

Britain is in urgent need of reform. Our outmoded and undemocratic electoral system delivered a government the majority of the electorate didn't want - and the mess we're now in. 

Both main political parties refuse to change the first past the post system because small swings deliver large majorities. It's imperative that we fight for Proportional Representation.

We now have a government, albeit one in its death throes, with an 70+ seat majority which it has used to further its own interests at the expense of ours. 

We are effectively governed by an elective dictatorship. We are paying a high price for decades of incompetent government and reform denied. Brexit is just one of the consequences of our failure to reform. 

We WILL rejoin, but we MUST reform. One of the first priorities must be the introduction of PR and a fundamental reform of political party funding.

See our reforms  >

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Brexit has been engineered and funded by those who want to destabilise the EU, and those who profit from chaos and disruption. They have been assisted by a zealous Brexit cult whose selfish and questionable interests are destroying Britain.  They must be rooted out quickly.

Brexit has isolated us. It's now time to rediscover the hopes and benefits of a connected world. We are a part of the European community of nations, which we should support through membership of the EU. United we are strong, divided, the peace, security and prosperity of all European nations is at risk.

Join the Rejoin and Reform Community


Our Community

Join us and let's become a force for reason and for common sense. Let's strengthen the consensus for rejoining the EU and make our voice heard. Let's demand the reforms our country so badly needs. With your help, we can.

Here's what you can do:


Sign up

If you really want to make a difference, to make your voice heard, join a community of like minded people who want to rejoin the EU and demand the reforms that Britain needs so badly. Sign up  today.



Spread the word

You will know, and will have met many people who share your views. You may have marched with them on a people's march. Why not contact them and tell them about Rejoin and Reform?



Join us - thousands have joined our campaign

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