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Welcome to the Rejoin and Reform Campaign Page


Our email campaigns are about sending out brief, succinct and hard-hitting messages to Members of Parliament using specially prepared 'target lists'. The purpose of our
campaigns is to give you the power to influence MPs, to challenge them
and to get your message across.
MPs pay great attention to the content of their 'post box'.
They may not reply to you personally, but they will take note of the content of your email.
Emails can be sent at frequent intervals - every day, every week or whenever you choose, to specifically targeted MPs. When you go to the 'Campaign email' box below
select a prepared email to send, you can amend it if you wish or write your own. 
The title of this new campaign to all Labour MPs is: 

'We need to rejoin the Single Market

and the Customs Union to save us

from a Brexit catastrophe'. 


Join this campaign 


Email Labour MPs to get them to support 

rejoining the Single Market and the Customs Union

"Brexit is a catastrophe dressed up as a triumph" 

Even when masked by Covid, Brexit is a disaster. Trade with the EU is down by over 40% year on year. The City is haemorrhaging assets cash and people. Thousands of businesses are going bust. The prospect of mass unemployment looms. The Northern Ireland Protocol is a failure, and now peace in the province is under threat. Our revenues are tumbling and we face the threat of going bust.

The solution to these problems?  To rejoin the Single Market and the Customs Union.

To get this message across, an email has been prepared for you to send. Send it or amend it. Your choice.

Now here's what to do...

Go to your email page and open up a new blank email.

Return to this page and follow these steps:


• Scroll down to 'Go to campaign emails' below

• Choose the email you would like to send

• Amend the email if you wish or write your own

• Cut and paste it into your email

• Fill in 'Subject' heading on your email header


• Scroll to 'Target List' section below. Choose a list 

Each target group is split into sections 

• Cut and paste the first email in the section into the email address field on your email template

Next, click 'Bcc' on you email and then copy and paste the main body of addresses into this field

• Sign and send

Click on 'Go to campaign emails' below where you will find the email.
Send it, amend it or write your own. Your choice.

Select your

Campaign email

Target Lists
In this campaign you will be using Target List:


Target list 1

'Red Wall' Tory MPs.

MPs who won seats from Labour.

Their seats very vulnerable.

Target list 2

New Tory MPs

Potentially as nervous as their 'Red Wall' colleagues.

Target list 3

Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State and Parliamentary Under Secretaries.

Target list 4

All Scottish MPs.

Target list 5

All party list of MPs - 'movers and shakers'. Those with a high

media profile.

Target list 6

Leader of the Opposition and

Shadow Cabinet members

Target list 7


Parliamentary Committees

Target list 8

Welsh and Northern Ireland MPs

Target list 9

All Labour MPs

Target list 10

All Liberal Democrat MPs

Target list 11

All Labour MPs who abstained in the deal vote


• Check your email before you send it. Have you signed it? Has your email got a subject?

• Try not to bombard the same people. Leave an interval before you send the same people another email.

• If you compose your own email, please make the purpose of your email clear. Brevity and clarity are key.

• Set aside a time to send your emails. Get into a routine. Keep up the presure.

• Don't forget to email YOUR MP. Their email address and details can be found here:

NB. MP's are not obliged to reply to you if you don't live in their constituency so don't expect replies to your emails. But they will take note of your email, and that's what's important.

Use your power to influence!